How to Join

2015 Summer Recruitment Flyer

A boy can join scouting at any time following his Kindergarten year. That’s right!  Any time!  He can join when he’s 8. He can join when he’s 9 and a half. Whenever he’s ready for an adventure!

2Pack 3258 has Information Nights (School Nights for Scouting) in April and August to get boys signed up. If your son would like to join scouts before or after those nights, please contact Tammy Kampschroeder at

Your family may visit a pack event at any time to check things out and see if it interests your son.

Boys don’t have to attend Pawnee to join 3258. We welcome boys from other schools that don’t have a pack, home school kiddos, friends, relatives, and privately schooled boys, too.

The cost to register with the BSA is $24 per year and that is prorated depending on when someone joins. For example, someone joining in May would pay $16.

Dues for Pack 3258 are $10 per month. Dues cover the cost of the yearly registration with the BSA (after the first year), their book and neckerchief (after the first year), awards, their pinewood derby car, rocket, and the scout’s meal at the Blue & Gold Banquet.

Follow this link to download an application: . Fill it out and return it to Tammy along with a check for your registration fee.

Den leaders, committee members, and parents who are attending Webelos Camp need to fill out an adult application.  All adults need to visit, create a log-in, and take Youth Protection Training.

Please visit the Uniform Page to learn about uniforms and where to get them.

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