2It takes a bunch of energetic kids, a handful of fantastic volunteers, an army of helpful parents, a supportive school, a manageable amount of time, and a whole lot of patience to have a Cub Scout Pack. But, it also takes money to do some of the activities that the boys love to do.

What do we spend money on? Registration fees for each scout and Awards are the two biggest expenses, but we also have a bunch of events that don’t always pay for themselves.

Where do we get money?  Fundraisers and Scout Dues.  That’s it!

Families can choose to fund-raise to pay for their dues, or they can pay them with cash or check.  Our fund-raisers are Trails End Scout Popcorn and Trash Bags.  See the links for more information on each of those fund raisers, in addition to a link about Dues and other expenses.

Boys can make enough on their fundraisers to pay for dues and camping – it can be done!

Dues are $10 per month, so $90 for the school year.  We ask them to be paid in $30 increments, Sept, Oct, and Nov.  Families with more than one scout, the second scout is $60. Webelos II scouts are $60 because they crossover to Boy Scouts in February.

Day Camp = $75, all scouts may go

Bear Camp = $130, incoming 3rd graders and one parent go

Webelos Camp = $150, incoming 4th and 5th graders go. Parents can also go for an additional $150.

Other Expenses = Rocket kits and Regatta kits are $7, Zoo Overnight Cost TBD

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