How Can You Help?

The most important help that you, as a parent, can give your boy is to work with him on his Cub Scouting activities. His handbook is full of age-appropriate activities that you will enjoy doing together at home.

When he completes an activity or project, it is your responsibility to sign his book to verify that he has done his best. And then it is all-important for you to attend the monthly pack meeting with him, so that you can celebrate his achievement.

Your role as a parent is the secret of success to the Cub Scouting program!

The den and the pack also rely on parent participation to run a successful program. Cub Scouting operates through volunteer leadership. Consider volunteering as a member of the pack leadership team or as a parent helper. Volunteer leaders are an example of Scouting’s principle of service to others. By volunteering in Scouting, you are also giving your son the gift of your time. What could be more valuable? You will have an opportunity to be a positive influence in the life of him and his friends.

You’ll make new friends, too, as you work with the parents of your son’s new friends. No job is too difficult when you’re having fun as part of a team of Cub Scout parents, reinforcing each others’ efforts to help your boys to grow up to be good citizens.

An investment of your time in Scouting will have a lifelong impact on your family.

Here are some of the ways you could volunteer:

Parent Volunteer – Every parent is asked to help twice per year with tasks such as coordinating food for one of the events or setting up for the Pinewood Derby.  We have a sign-up genius page listing all of the current volunteer needs.

Cubmaster – Helps plan and carry out the pack program with the help of the pack committee. Emcees the monthly pack meetings.

Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader – Leads the den at weekly den and monthly pack meetings. Even when all of the positions are filled, speak to your scout’s den leader to ask how you can help.  Den Leaders often move into pack committee positions as their scout gets older, so they might enjoy sharing more of the den coordinating tasks.

The Pack Committee performs administrative functions of the pack.  The boys are only in the pack for 5 years, and the members of this committee usually hold their position for 2 years. If there is a position you’re interested in, speak to the committee chair or the person holding that position to learn more.

Your help is always needed and appreciated. Never doubt it!


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