Every Boy


Every Parent. Every Leader.
Everyone can get trained.


The BSA offers a variety of online videos so that everyone can learn about the Cub Scout Program.  All you have to do is create a log-in at, click the E-Learning menu option, and then select the Cub Scout tab.

All parents and all leaders in the pack need to take Youth Proteill-00ction training. Parents, you need to know what the leaders are required to do to keep your children safe.  There must always be two adults present, and we call that Two-Deep Leadership.

“This is Scouting” is a good place to begin.  Then, take the Leader training for your son’s den, even if you aren’t the den leader.

Following that, consider attending the District Cub Scouting Resource Forum.  It’s on the first Thursday of every month (except July) at the Jewish Community Center.  Fall of 2015, they are covering the new Cub Scout Program and all of the adventures that the Cubs will be going on.

If you want to learn more about Scouts, explore the “Links” menu on the Pack Website.  You could read for days. 🙂


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