Where do I put it?

6Your son has earned an award, now where do you put it?

If you look in his scout handbook, you’ll find a guide.

The Left Sleeve –  Place the HOAC patch at the top and 3258 under it.  Adults put their position patch under the numbers, and the “Trained” patch under that.

The Right Sleeve has the US Flag on it.  Under it, pin the Webelos Colors and place the Webelos Patrol Patch, if they have one.  Adults put the “Journey to Excellence” patch at the bottom of the right sleeve.

The Left Pocket has the “Boy Scouts of America” stitched over it.  Above the pocket, pin the Summertime Awards. On the pocket flap, sew the Outdoor Activity Award.  If you receive any Wolf Track pins, place them through the Outdoor Activity Award.  On the button, hang the STEM Patch and/or Compass Emblem (5th Grade Only).  Below the pocket, sew the Recruiter Strip.  If you have the plastic thingy with the beads, remove it.

The Right Pocket – Above the pocket, halfway to the shoulder, attach the Purple World Crest. Under the crest, place the most recent service star.  Just above the pocket, place the religious knot.  On the pocket flap, place the Emergency Preparedness Pin. On the pocket, place the Rank Badges.  Below the rank badges, place the arrow points (4th and 5th graders only).

There is only room in the diamond for 4 badges, but there are 5.  If your son has a Tiger badge AND a Webelos badge, you will probably be switching to the beige shirt when he receives the Webelos Badge.  Suggestions: Save the cub shirt as a keepsake or remove everything and put it in a shadow box.  Then, donate the shirt to a new scout.

On the Red Sash (Fall 2015) or the Red Vest, place everything else.  Is there a specific order?  No, however, you might want to put camp/event patches on the back and earned awards such as Conservation, Outdoor Ethics, and the Whittling Chip on the front.


This is a good guide, although we typically don’t put the 6 patches on the far left on the shirt.  We put those type of patches on the sash/vest.

This pack’s site has good pictures. However, we typically don’t put that much stuff on the Beige Uniform Shirt when the Cub becomes a Webelos. Ask your den leader if you have questions.

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