Pack Family Campout

The Pack 3258 Family Campout
Saturday & Sunday, September 24th & 25th, 2016
10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Clinton Lake State Park, Lawrence, KS


Bring your tent, your whole family, and your spirit of adventure to the annual Pack Family Campout!  The scouts will have the opportunity to earn their Outdoor Activity Award and work on a few of their outdoor adventures as we hike, explore, learn, cook, conserve, worship, and HAVE FUN!

Cost is $10 per family of 2, or $20 for families of 3 or more.  There is also a $5 per vehicle fee to enter the park. If you can’t stay overnight, come out for the day and campfire.

To Bring List:  Saturday lunch, Sunday breakfast, family tent, hiking shoes, sleeping bags, change of clothes, warm pjs, hoodie, camping chair, flashlight, bug spray, sun screen, toiletries, refillable water bottle, backpack (for hiking) and your spirit of adventure.

If your family does not have a tent, a simple one is not that expensive. If it’s absolutely not in the budget, let a leader know and we’ll try to find one for you to borrow.

The DO NOT BRING list:  No pocketknives. No electronics. Parents, spend time with your kids, not on your phones.  (I know, it’s addicting, but you can do it!)

No alchoholic beverages.  Never, at any scout event, are they allowed.


We’ll be at Campground #3 at Clinton Lake State Park; it’s the sixth left after passing the Park Office.  When you enter the park, you’ll need to purchase a daily vehicle permit either at the Pay Booth at the park entrance or at the Self-Pay station located across from the Park Office.  If you use the Self-Pay station, after completing the information on the envelope and enclosing fees, please retain the back sticker portion from the envelope and display on the lower left, driver’s side of your windshield as your receipt and vehicle permit.  Deposit the envelope with payment into the metal payment slot, located in the middle of the Self-Pay station with the words “Self Pay” below the slot.

Directions from Overland Park to our campsite:  directions-from-kc-to-group-area-3-sites-32-35-shelter-5-2016



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