Songs, Skits, Jokes

Does your den need to do a skit, tell some jokes, lead some songs?  Here are places to find them:

  • Skits, jokes, and songs need to be age and school appropriate
  • Don’t kill Santa Claus
  • Outdated jokes like the Pink Panther’s “dead ant” will go right over their heads.
  • Short Attention Spans
  • Cub Scouts don’t memorize well and new tigers don’t always read
  • When Cubs perform, unless there’s a microphone and they speak clearly, the skit is usually more for the benefit of the performers than the audience.

Good Sites for Jokes and Skits – There’s always google, but here are some good sites: 

Boy Scout Trail

Scouter Mom

Baloo’s Bugle

Boy’s Life Magazine and Scouting Magazine

Cub Scout Ideas


Boy Scout Trail

US Scouts


Merit Badge Wiki

Ye Olde Catalogue


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