Tiger Scouts

PrintTiger Scouts are 1st graders. They wear orange neckerchiefs and have a lot of fun exploring the world around them.  They meet twice a month as a den, go on outings, and attend pack meetings.  Each scout has an adult partner attend meetings with them.  The adult partners take turns coordinating the activities.  The Den Leader(s) coordinates the calendar, communicates with the parents, keeps track of what the scouts have earned, and encourages the boys to “Do Their Best.”

34713(15)_Cover.inddTo earn their Tiger badge, each scout must complete the six required adventures plus one elective adventure.  The scout receives a belt loop for each of the 19 adventures he completes.

Their Den Chant:  “Tiger Cubs We Are!  Tiger Cubs We’ll Be!  Soon we’ll be Wolf Scouts!  Just You Wait and See!  Grrrrrrrrr!”

Tiger Adventure Tracking Sheet

Tiger Backyard JungleTiger Games Tigers PlayTiger My Familys Duty to GodTiger Team TigerTiger BitesTiger in the Wild

  1. Backyard Jungle      
  2. Games Tigers Play
  3. My Family’s Duty to God
  4. Team Tiger
  5. Tiger Bites2
  6. Tigers in the Wild


  1. tiger Sky is the Limit Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries
  2. Earning Your Stripes
  3. Family Stories
  4. Floats and Boats
  5. Tiger Curiosity Intrigue and Magical MysteriesGood Knights
  6. Rolling Tigers
  7. Sky Is the Limit
  8. Stories in Shapes
  9. Tiger-iffic!
  10. Tiger TheaterSafe and Smart
  11. Tiger Tag
  12. Tiger Tales
  13. Tiger Theater

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