Webelos I

Webelos RankWebelos-OvalWebelos means “We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.”  They begin Webelos in 4th Grade and finish midway through their 5th Grade year.  They meet on Wednesday evenings, and wear plaid neckerchiefs with either the blue or beige shirt.

Webelos are in the process of transitioning from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts, so as they get older, they have overnight adventures and begin to camp with Boy Scout Troops.33452(15)_Cover.indd

The Webelos Program is in transition during the 2015-16 School Year, so the 4th graders will be working on the new program, and the 5th graders will be working on the old program.  On this page, we’re focusing on the 4th grade New Program.

To earn the Webelos Badge, each scout must complete the five required adventures plus two elective adventures. The scout receives a pin for each of the 27 adventures he completes.

To earn the Arrow of Light in 5th grade, each scout must complete the four required adventures plus three elective adventures.  These additional seven can be earned during 4th or 5th grade.

Webelos Adventure Tracking Sheet

* Some or all of the Adventure will be earned at Webelos Camp.
^ Work on some or all of this Adventure at home.

W Cast Iron ChefW Duty to God and YouW First ResponderW Stronger Faster HigherW Webelos Walkabout

  1. 12Cast Iron Chef^
  2. Duty to God and You^
  3. First Responder*
  4. Stronger, Faster, Higher
  5. Webelos Walkabout


  1. Adventures in Science*
  2. Aquanaut*
  3. Art Explosion
  4. Aware and Care
  5. Build It*                                                                                W Adventures in ScienceW AquanautW Art ExplosionW Aware and CareW Build it
  6. Build My Own Hero
  7. Castaway
  8. Earth Rocks!*
  9. Engineer
  10. Fix It^                                                                                                                           W Build My Own HeroW CastawayW Earth RocksW EngineerW Fix it
  11. Game Design^
  12. Into the Wild*
  13. Into the Woods*
  14. Looking Back, Looking Forward^
  15. Maestro!                                                                                                                                                           W Game DesignW Into the Wildw Into the Woodsw Look Back Look ForwardWMaestro
  16. Movie Making^
  17. Project Family^
  18. Sportsman                                                                                                                   W Sportsman W Project Family W Movie Making

In 5th Grade:

  1. Building A Better World*
  2. Camper*
  3. Duty to God in Action^
  4. Scouting Adventure

W2 Building a Better WorldW2 CamperW2 Duty to God in ActionW2 Scouting Adventure

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