Wolf Scouts

Wolf Scouts are 2ndWolf Rank graders who meet on Monday evenings. They wear gold neckerchiefs and learn about the outdoors and their community. They meet twice a month as a den, go on adventures, and attend pack meetings. Parents take turns assisting with activities. The Den Leader(s) coordinates the calendar, communicates with the parents, keeps track of what the scouts have earned, and encourages the boys to “Do Their Best.”33450(15)_Cover.indd

To earn their Wolf badge, each scout must complete the six required adventures plus one elective adventure. The scout receives a belt loop for each of the 19 adventures he completes.

Their Den Chant:  “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” Owooooooo!”  (Or whatever they choose)

Wolf Adventure Tracking Sheet

Wolf Call of the WildWolf Council FireWolf Duty to God FootstepsWolf Howling at the MoonWolf Paws on the PathWolf Running with the Pack

  1. Call of the Wild      
  2. Council Fire
  3. Duty to God Footsteps4
  4. Howling at the Moon
  5. Paws on the Path
  6. Running With the Pack


  1. Wolf Collections and HobbiesAdventures in Coins
  2. Air of the Wolf
  3. Code of the Wolf
  4. Collections and Hobbies
  5. Cubs Who Care
  6. Wolf Finding your WayDigging in the Past
  7. Finding Your Way
  8. Germs Alive!
  9. Grow Something
  10. Hometown Heroes
  11. Wolf Paws of SkillMotor Away
  12. Paws of Skill
  13. Spirit of the Water

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