Every month, our pack tries to do at least one special event so the boys can have even more fun than they already do!

Typically, our events are:
January – Pinewood Derby                                       February – Blue and Gold Banquet
March – Rocket Launch                                             April – Conservation Activity
May – Regatta and Picnic                                          June – Bike Hike and Scooter Scat
July – Fishing Derby                                                  August – Pack Swim
September – Pack Family Campout                        October – A Grand Adventure!
November – Food Drive and Leaf Raking              December – It’s Christmas!

310-740-1_6_CSFor the 2015-2016 School Year, the boys have dreamed up some creative ideas that we’re going to try to make happen.

  • Scout Sports – At 6:30 pm before Pack Meetings, we’re gonna get our game faces on!
  • Ping Pong, Pool, and Video Games – We’ll see about heading up to the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center to take advantage of their community arcade and game area.
  • Lego Building Contest – Sounds like a fun time for a cold winter night!
  • Laser Tag – We’ll see how we do with the pack fundraisers in the fall.
  • Vacationing on Pluto and Surfing on the Sun – Sounds like it’s time for some Science! We’re looking into a trip to the St. Louis Science Museum or to the Powell Observatory in Louisburg.


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