Messengers of Peace

Messenger of peaceMessengers of Peace is a global initiative aimed at encouraging youth to work toward peace. Taking advantage of social media, scouts from around the world share their efforts in order to inspire other scouts to undertake similar projects.  The World Scout Committee is promoting this program and it is administered by the World Scout Bureau.

Any Scout or Scouter who participates in a qualifying project can wear the Messengers of Peace ring patch. It is displayed around the World Crest above the left pocket of the uniform. Patches can be purchased by a unit representative at a local Scout Shop or council service center.

A qualifying project has a significant impact on the community in one of these three dimensions of peace:

  1. Personal dimension: harmony, justice, and equality
  2. Community dimension: peace as opposed to hostility or violent conflict
  1. Relationship between humankind and environment: security, social and economic welfare, and environment

Getting the Patch

Units should submit their Messengers of Peace related projects through the Journey to Excellence website and check the ‘Messengers of Peace’ box. This adds the project to the map on the Messengers of Peace website and generates a certificate which should be taken to the Scout Shop to purchase patches.

Some Project Ideas

  • Personal Dimension:
    • Holiday party for children of prison inmates
    • Book drive for inner-city school
    • Visit nursing home residents
    • Participate in Feed the Children, Toys 4 Tots, or other charitable efforts
  • Community Dimension:
    • Build a community prayer or meditation garden
    • Paint over graffiti with peace-related murals
    • Participate as ‘victims’ for CERT or EMT training courses
    • Host a day of games, sports, and activities that brings together kids from different parts of your community
    • Assist in the packaging of supplies for emergencies or for developing countries
  • Environmental Dimension:
    • Conduct a park, school ground, campground, or river clean-up day
    • Remove invasive species and plant native trees
    • Volunteer at a community recycling center
    • Collect and dispose of potentially dangerous waste products
    • Clear brush from fire buffer zone
    • Perform shoreline or natural area restoration

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