Bear Scouts

Bear Scouts are 3rdcub scout; bear; insignia graders who meet on Monday evenings. They wear blue neckerchiefs and learn about conservation, heroes, and safety.  They meet twice a month as a den, go on adventures, and attend pack meetings. Parents take turns assisting with activities. The Den Leader(s) coordinates the calendar, communicates with the parents, keeps track of what the scouts have earned, and encourages the boys to “Do Their Best.”33451(15)_Cover.indd

To earn their Bear badge, each scout must complete the six required adventures plus one elective adventure. The scout receives a belt loop for each of the 19 adventures he completes.

Their Den Chant:  “Bears! Grrrrrrrr!”  (Or whatever they choose)

Bear Adventure Tracking Sheet

Bear ClawsBear NecessitiesBear Fellowship and Duty of GodBear Fur Feathers and FernsBear Grin and Bear ItBear Paws for Action

  1. Bear Claws
  2. Bear Necessities
  3. Fellowship and Duty to God6
  4. Fur, Feathers, and Ferns
  5. Grin and Bear It
  6. Paws for Action


  1. Bear Goes FishingBaloo the Builder
  2. A Bear Goes Fishing
  3. Bear Picnic Basket
  4. Beat of the Drum
  5. Critter Care
  6. Bear Make it MoveForensics
  7. Make It Move
  8. Marble Madness
  9. Roaring Laughter
  10. Robotics
  11. Bear World of SoundSalmon Run
  12. Super Science
  13. A World of Sound

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