District Resources

This page includes handouts from District Roundtable (Forum) Meetings since Fall 2014.

2015 Cub SRFs (Roundtables) for Trailhead District

2015-16 Roundtable Guide – Beginning on Page 47 are the official monthly Roundtable handouts.  They include pack and den meeting ideas specific to the monthly theme.  Additional links to pack and den meeting ideas can be found on this website under the menu Links > Leader Helps.


Outdoor Awards Achievements – Outdoor Activiy is updated with New Adventures, but not the World Conservation Award.

Cub Scout Award Descriptions – Not completely updated with the New Adventures

Activities for Cubs:

Get to know you game

Dinner Grace Coloring Table Tent

Positive Attitude Word Search

Cub Word Search for new scouts

New Oath/Law:

Oath & Law flashcards

Tips for teaching Cub Scouts the Scout Law

Committee & Leader Helps:

Duty to God Adventures (Aug 2015)

New 5th Graders – Fall 2015

Wolf Duty to God Book Suggestions

Useful Websites for Cub Scout Leaders

Unit Coordinator School Night Kickoff

Cub Scouting Glossary

Pack Fundraiser Ideas

Pack Committee Job Descriptions

Scouts with ADHD and Autism Spectrum

Cub Scout Outing Ideas

Cub Program Updates Summary

Shawnee Trails Implementation Plan 8-13-15

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